Prioritizing unmet needs in cancer treatment

Biosyngen has established multiple proprietary technology platforms for R&D translation & immunotherapy drug development against solid tumors.

Clinical Landscape
Lung Cancer
Liver Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Gastric Cancer
Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Proprietary Technology Platform
    Automated and intelligent cell manufacturing platform
    Improved production cycle time of CAR-T/TCR-T product to 10-days. Manufactured in GMP facility in compliance to FDA and CDE requirements.
    T cell safety optimization platform
    Unique T cell signaling tweaking strategy and TME-specific promoter to broaden tumor cell coverage while ensuring safety.
  • MSE-T TM
    T cell functional enhancement platform
    Library consisting of hundreds of motifs for T cell functional enhancement.
    Antigen/Antibody/TCR discovery platform
    Large tumor-specific TCR library for multiple high-frequency HLA haplotypes. Fast screening / optimization.
  • T cells equipped with tumor detectors
    When infused into the patient, the highly specific receptors enable detection and binding to the cancer cell, while importantly reducing the “on-target, off-tumor” toxicities that typically plague other immunotherapies. Taken together, this significantly boosts the clinical efficacy, reliability, and safety of BioSyngen therapeutics.
    First-in-class assets
    BioSyngen’s proprietary cell therapy assets are First-In-Class Products against various solid cancers, filling the critical niches in immuno-oncology.
    Safe by design
    Rooted in a patient-centric approach, BioSyngen generates highly potent immunotherapies that are fit for each individual and carry enhanced safety profiles.
  • What is
    CAR-T/TCR-T therapy?

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