About Us

Biosyngen is developing multiple T-cell immunotherapies with the aim to address a wide range of malignancies.

  • Our Vision is to harness the immune system for better therapeutic responses.


  • Our Mission is to develop most advanced immune cell therapies for aggaressive cancers


  • Biosyngen has world leading innovative T cell therapies, worldwide exclusive license of best-in-class technology from top-tier research institutes, and talents from Singapore, China, Germany, Australia and France;


  • Based on the combination of technology transfer and in-house R&D, Biosyngen is focusing on the unmet needs in cancer treatment.


  • Biosyngen is dedicated to eradicate tumor with immune cell therapies and benefit patients in Asia and worldwide;


  • Biosyngen has established world largest EBV CAR and TCR library and is conducting clinical trials in multiple centers targeting multiple indications such as nasopharyngeal caner, gastric cancer and lymphoma.